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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Second Alarm Commercial Building Fire

At around 11:30 am today firefighters were dispatched to the Pontiac Dealership at 5001 Auth Way in Marlow Heights. Firefighters arrived to find a large warehouse style automotive repair shop with heavy fire and smoke inside. Firefighters continue to battle the fire.

A 2nd Alarm has been sounded bringing additional firefighters and apparatus to the scene.

Additional info to follow.

Mark Brady

12:05 pm update - a 15 bay automotive repair facility of a Pontiac Dealership had 3 autos and an RV on fire inside the facility. The fire had extended to a large area of the building. The bulk of the fire has been knocked down and fire extension is still being checked. The roof is sagging and all personnel removed from the interior. All suppression will be done from the safety of the exterior in a defensive position. No injuries have been reported so far.

12:20 pm update - fire is now visible in the roof assembly. A 3rd Alarm has been sounded. The roof is declared unsafe.

12:45 pm update - fire is under control and mostly extinguished.  Roof remains unsafe.  Investigations may be delayed until roof condition is remedied.  3rd alarm was precautionary - units have been released and stood-by, no units from the 3rd were used,  No injuries have been reported.  There we 50 firefighters and paramedics, from initial and 2nd alarm, that operated on the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and the fire loss estimate is significant, however, still being tabulated.