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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PGFD LODD and Founders Circle Memorial to be Held Saturday at 12:00 Noon

LODD and Founders Circle Memorial to be Held Saturday at 12:00 Noon

The most honored and hallowed locations within the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department is the Line of Duty Death (LODD) Memorial and Founders Circle.  The LODD Memorial memorializes members of the Department that made the ultimate sacrifice while performing Fire/EMS duties, those that passed away while on-duty and performing support activities for the Department.  The Founders Circle honors those members that made a significant contribution to their respective department and corporation.  The memorial area contains gardens, which help to enhance and highlight the area to generate the respect that such a memorial deserves.  The LODD Memorial and Founders Circle are located at the Cranford-Graves Fire Services Building, 6820 Webster Street, in Landover Hills.

On Saturday, September 27,  a Memorial Service will be held at 12:00 pm to honor our Fallen and add names to the Founders Circle.  Prince George's County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association President Charles Walker along with the Chaplains Corp and Ladies Auxiliary will lead the service.

The PGFD Founders Circle Stone.  There is one for every volunteer corporation.