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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PGFD Career Recruit School #50 Begin Training Academy

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
mebrady@co.pg.md.us     Twitter: @PGFDPIO

Career Recruit School (CRS) #50 commenced on Monday, February 24, 2014 with 36 firefighter recruits and 2 members of the United States Coast Guard.  On their 2nd day at the Cheltenham based Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training Academy they were greeted by Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor, command staff and senior civilian members.

Chief Bashoor referenced the long journey from job application to this point by saying, "Over 3,000 of you started this particular journey, over 2 years ago.  Just like you, over 1,500 recruits before you in classes 1 through 49 sat in these chairs for a Day 1 – scared, humbled, excited and ready to make a difference in Prince George’s County."  Bashoor continued to welcome the recruits by saying, "I am honored to welcome the 50thclass of recruits to walk our training grounds.  For those Prince George’s County employees, welcome to the ranks of the Prince George’s County Government and the Fire/EMS Department – You are the 9th class that County Executive Baker and this County Council have graced us with hiring.  I also welcome our cadre of Coast Guard firefighting candidates to Class 50."

I his comments Bashoor stated, "In the coming weeks, your Training Academy instructors will instill a measure of discipline and respect that you should cherish.  You must realize this is merely a starting line."  He concluded with,  "From this point forward, the satisfaction and reward you receive from this calling will depend in large part on what you choose to contribute.  For those 20-year-olds in the room – this isn’t High School or the Community College – you MUST apply yourself and successfully complete everything your instructors teach and test you on.  Your job, and ultimately your LIFE and your partners lives depend on it."

Recruits of CRS #50 are the first to be issued with polo shirts instead of a traditional firefighter buttoned work shirt.  This is the first part of the transitioning the entire Department over to polo shirts as the official uniform work shirt.

Members of PGFD CRS #50 are

1.     Backman, Matthew
2.     Burneson, Charles L
3.     Carmody III, Donald
4.     Celentano, Alaura L
5.     Dolan, Andrew
6.     Drugan, Kyle
7.     Duerbeck, Jered A
8.     Dugan, Michael
9.     Fayette, Ronel
10.     Forstoffer, Jr. Michael
11.     French, Kenneth D.
12.     Gardner, Ryan T.
13.     Graney, Jon-Curtis
14.     Gruentzel, Michael R.
15.     Harris, Christopher A
16.     Hartman, Zachary G.
17.     Hickey, Kenneth J.
18.     Johnson, Brandon R.
19.     Lewis, William A.
20.     Mariner, Matthew
21.     Reeves, Keayana
22.     Rychwalski, James N.
23.     Satterfield, Samantha
24.     Scott, Tavon L.
25.     Spriggs, Andrew
26.     Stewart, Robert J.
27.     Tippett, Matthew J.
28.     Townsend, Jonathan A.
29.     Watson, Devin J.
30.     Van Schoonhoven, Aaron
31.     Mascaro, Vincent A.
32.     Schlegel, Ryan
33.     Graham, Robert J.
34.     Horak, Stephen A
35.     Thorne, Britt D.
36.     Munson, Keith