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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mark Brady, watch out! - Paul Wall Has Some New Wheels

Mark Brady, watch out!


Mike Linynsky, Fire Fighter/Medic Captain

         Over the past year members of the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services Department may have noticed someone other than Mark Brady taking pictures on emergency incidents.  Meet 25-year-old Paul Wall.  Paul has covered the whole county taking pictures of emergency incidents by simply staying up at night and listening to his scanner.  What is even more amazing is the way that Paul gets to the scene.  Paul doesn’t have a car, so he uses a bicycle to get around the county.  That’s right, a bicycle!  From his home in District Heights, Paul has managed to cover fires from Beltsville to Accokeek.

         During his time spent traveling the county, Paul has become friends with many of the local firefighters.  They have welcomed him into the station and he has become a regular at some of the station in the 1st and 3rd Battalions.  Paul hadn’t been around in awhile and some of the firefighters were getting worried.  Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Corey Wargo gave him a call and learned that Paul’s bicycle had broken from the constant wear and tear.  Wargo knew that he had an extra bicycle at home, so he asked Paul to come by the Seat Pleasant Fire/EMS Station #808 on Tuesday, February 28.

         Paul took the Metro up to Seat Pleasant and found a nice surprise waiting for him.  Corey Wargo gave Paul his bicycle so he could continue to do what he loves to do.  It is not very often that you get to meet someone as dedicated as Paul.  If you see him, ask to look at his pictures.  You never know, there might be one of you in his collection!  View his photos and Facebook page by clicking here.

         Thank you to the generosity of Corey Wargo for providing the bicycle.  To Paul Wall, it is more than just a bicycle; it is a way of life.

Paul Wall is surprised by Fire Fighter/Medic Technician Corey Wargo with a bicycle.