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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Career Recruit School #48 Starts

The Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department commenced Career Recruit School #48 on Monday, June 2, 2013.  The class consists of 45 firefighter/medic recruits.  On Tuesday, June 4, Fire/EMS Chief Marc Bashoor greeted the recruit class with the Departments Command Staff.  Chief Bashoor opened his comments to the recruits by saying, "Recruits of Class 48, I want to open my remarks this morning by impressing upon you my core belief that, in accepting the call to serve the citizens of our great County, you have been presented with a noble and distinct challenge and an incredible opportunity to spend the next twenty years making this small corner of the world a better place."

CRS #48 is scheduled to graduate in late November, 2013.  CRS #49 is scheduled to start in October 2013.

These are the members of CRS #48
Thomas Adams
Bryan Aristy
Cedric Barkley
Nicholas Bowen
Dameion Brown
Michael Buerger
Carolos Crestwell
Jared Althoff
Joshua Beck
Pharaoh Brown
William Ball
Clayton Deskins
Michael Dolby
Michael Duus
Michael Eck
Brittany Frankenfield
Julian Gray
Timothy Harrell
Ramonz Height
Anthony Hicks
Brandon Holderness
James Johnson
Matthew Lockwood
Zachary Longfellow
Scott McDonough
Allen McKnight
Thomas Miller
Jermaine Mills
Tavaris Murray
Scott Radisch
Felipe Ramirez
Antonio Richards
Chyna Richardson
Cheryl Ricks
Ryan Roberts
Nicole Robshaw
Melissa Schaefer
Samuel Singleton
Hunter Stewart
Andi Villasenor
Donald Wells
William White
Jonathan Whitehouse
Meghan Williams
Martino Wilson