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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Departmental Crash - Calverton Engine and Civilian Vehicle

At around 3:15 pm, Sunday, firefighters from Laurel and surrounding communities were alerted to a possible fire in an apartment building. As firefighters were responding to the 13800 block of Briarwood Drive the engine from the Calverton Fire/EMS station was involved in a collision with a civilian vehicle. The crash occurred at Contee Road and Claxton Drive and resulted in non-life threatening injuries to the lone occupant of the civilian vehicle; an adult female.

The three firefighters on-board the engine, while visibly shaken, were not injured. As per standard operating procedures the driver of the emergency vehicle will undergo post-crash testing.
The adult female was transported to a local hospital.

The incident on Briarwood Drive to which the Calverton engine was responding to turned out to be a malfunctioning dryer.

The crash is being investigated by the County Police Department.

Mark E. Brady
PGFD Chief Spokesperson