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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Clinton House Fire - Lunan Road

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
mebrady@co.pg.md.us     @PGFDPIO

Firefighters battled a challenging fire in Clinton this afternoon.  Just before 1:00 pm Prince George's County Firefighters responded to the 12600 block of Lunan Road and arrived to find a 2-story single family home with heavy smoke showing.

An interior attack on the fire was initiated with fire involving the first and second floors.  Fire conditions were rapidly deteriorating and interior crews were force to evacuate.  They transitioned their attack to the exterior where the bulk of the fire was knocked down.  Once safe to do so crews re-entered the structure to complete the extinguishment.  It required about an hour to extinguish the fire.

Fortunately, no civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

A family of five adults and two children will be displaced.  The family reported that two dogs were still inside the home.  One dog was found deceased and the second dog was still missing.  The County Citizen Services Unit and American Red Cross are assisting the displaced family.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.  Fire loss estimates are still being tabulated.  The house and contents suffered significant damage and may be a total loss.

There were two occupants at home when the fire started.  They left the home when they saw and smelled the smoke.  The occupants and their pets did not have those few extra moments to escape because they had a non-working smoke alarm and did not receive the early notification normally provided by a working smoke alarm.

If you need a smoke alarm and can not afford one, call 311 and request one.  A firefighter will make arrangements to visit your home and install one for you, free of charge.

Today is the Safety First Day of the Month of April.  Test your smoke and CO alarms to ensure they are working.  If not, purchase and install 10-year alarms that never require a battery change again, no joke!!!

Video and images are by PGFD Observer Paul Hawkins (riding with 847)

Today is Safety First Day of the Month April 1, 2015 - THIS IS NO JOKE!!!

MEDIA CONTACT: Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson, 240-508-7930
mebrady@co.pg.md.us    @PGFDPIO

Today is April 1, 2015, the Safety First Day of the Month and thats no joke.  Neither is having a working smoke and CO alarm - they are real and they can save your life - NO JOKE.  Today is the day that the Prince George's County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department has designated for everyone to test their smoke and CO alarms.  It's simple:

Push the TEST button on the front cover of your smoke and CO alarm.

An audible beeping noise will SHOULD sound.  If it does - your done until next month.

If it does nor sound an audible alarm - replace the battery.  Push the TEST button again - still no alarm - remove the alarm and immediately replace with a new 10-year, tamper proof, with hush feature smoke or CO alarm or better yet a 10-year combination smoke/CO alarm.

County Law requires a working smoke alarm in your home.  Over the next two years the law will continue to evolve to require a working 10-year smoke alarm on every level of your home, primarily outside of sleeping areas.

County Law currently requires a working CO detector on every level of your home, primarily, outside of sleeping areas.  This law includes all homes with a gas service (natural, propane, oil, etc), a fireplace or an attached garage.  This law also requires that all hotels, motels, dormitories and all apartments and condos have working CO alarms.

Don't wait for a firefighter to knock on your door.  If you need a working smoke alarm and can not afford to purchase one, call 311 and ask about the free smoke alarm program.

Recipients Announced for PGFD Valor and Excellence in EMS Awards

The following have been selected to receive a Valor Award or an Excellence in EMS Award

Congratulations to all!!!!

Fire Fighter/Medic Edward G. Aldaco 
Fire Fighter/Lieutenant Robert J. Angell, Jr. 
Fire Fighter Joseph W. Allen-Baker 
Fire Fighter Walter J. Balma 
Fire Fighter/Medic Lester H. Bascom 
Fire Fighter Charles L. Burneson 
Lieutenant Jeffrey A. Burton 
Fire Fighter/Medic Regan M. Carter 
Volunteer Fire Fighter Danielle M. Celii (Branchville) (Riverdale)
Fire Fighter/Medic Justin W. Chong
Volunteer Fire Captain Spiro W. Dimakas (Branchville)
Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Chase Fabrizio (Berwyn Heights) 
Fire Fighter Joseph C. Ford 
Paramedic Amanda H. Garrett
Fire Fighter Owen G. Hardy 
Fire Fighter/Medic James A. Harris
Volunteer Fire Fighter Everett Hoffman, Jr. (Berwyn Heights) 
Fire Fighter/Medic Antwan D. Holbert 
Fire Fighter/Medic Shawn C. Miller 
Fire Fighter/Medic Brian M. Monn 
Fire Fighter/Medic Jason M. Rush
Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief Chris M. Saputo (Landover Hills) 
Volunteer Captain Michael Stevenson (Berwyn Heights) 
Fire Fighter Michael J. Tomasi 
Fire Fighter Timothy C. Vanderhoff

Recipients should contact the Office of Public Information at 301-883-5222 for additional direction.